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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Tours can be arranged by hotels and travel agents in Vientiane and in most provincial districts. Diethelm Travel and government-owned SODETOUR are amongst the leading companies. In the heart of the country, Vientiane is an ideal departure place for exploring almost everywhere in Laos.

Go south to the once war torn province of Savannakhet, where the North Vietnamese transported men and supplies through Laos to Vietnam along a network of trails, known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Presently, there is not much to see, even though a host of war debris and chunks of American planes retain. Even so it is still something of a hit-and-miss affair. The best places to seek directions and a guide are Savannakhet and Xepon on the Vietnamese border.

Savannakhet town itself is something of an underrated gem. The town is so quiet and relaxed that you could be forgiven for wondering if anyone was there. Most houses are only 2 to 3-storey buildings, and a number of them display strong traces of French architecture. The large market is perfect for looking around and eating local food.

Beyond Savannakhet is the Bolavens tableland, an agriculturally rich region growing fruits, coffee and tea. A good way to see the nature left along with the wonderful animals is an elephant trek.

Cambodia’s famed Angkor civilisation expanded into Champassak province, contributing to Wat Phu, a Hindu temple with its roots in pre-Angkor civilisations, which presently lies in ruins. Fortunately, there is more than just a pile of stones, as much of the temple remains intact, it stretches across quite a large, refreshing area.

River dolphins live towards the south of the Cambodian border, especially around the islands of Si Phan Don. They are found along the Mekong River and also occasionally the tributary Se Kong River.