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Last updated : Nov 2009
Malaysia Communications
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Public use centres are situated in the main post offices of the larger towns. Most hotels also provides fax facilities.


Service Providers include Jaring and TMnet. There are plenty of Internet cafes throughout the country. Hotels and hostels also have facilities.

Post Office

Post offices can be found in the business district of all towns. They open from Monday - Saturday between 8.00 am - 5.00 pm.

Press and Media Publications

English language dailies in Malaysia include the Mail Mail, Malaysiakini, Business Times, New Straits Times, The Star and The Sun. Some English language Sunday papers and periodicals are also available and the ones in Sarawak are the Sarawak Tribune and the Borneo Post. English language newspapers in Sabah include the Daily Express, Sabah Times, and Borneo Mail.


BBC World Service and Voice of America stations can be received. Frequencies change from time to time and the most up to date details can be found online.


Telegraph offices throughout the country offer this service.

Telephone – landline

 IDD is available.
 Country code is 60.
 Outgoing international dialling code is 00

Coin operated phones can be found in supermarkets and post offices and local calls cost 10 sen. Public calling card phones can be found throughout Malaysia. Cards can be purchased at petrol stations, airports, and shops for amounts ranging from RM3-50. There are two types: Unicard and Kadfon. These can only be used in their own branded marked phone booths.

Telephone - mobile

GSM 900 and 1800 networks cover most of Malaysia . Network operators are:

 Maxis Mobile
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