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Malaysia Government
Malaysia Government - TravelPuppy.com
Malaysia has a complex federal system, with extensive local power held by 9 hereditary sultans who elect the head of state (entitled HM the Yang di-Pertuan Agong) every 5 years. Malaysia is made up of 13 states plus 2 ‘Federal Territories’ which are Kuala Lumpur and Labuane Island.

Legislative power is held by the bicameral parliament. The parliament consists of the Dewan Rakyat, House of Representatives with 192 members that are directly elected for a 5-year term, and the 70-strong Dewan Negara (Senate), of which 40 members are appointed by the Head of State and the 30 remaining members are elected by the country’s 13 regional assemblies.

Executive power is held by the Prime Minister who is officially appointed by the head of state, usually the leader of the largest party in the Dewan Rakpat. The Prime Minister governs with the appointed ministerial cabinet.
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