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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Labuan Island is 10 kilometres (6 miles) off the coast of Sabah, and spreads over an area of 98 square kilometres or 38 square miles. It is a duty free port and functions as Malaysia’s offshore financial hub. Great duty free shopping and many fine white sandy beaches make Labuan a famous tourist place.

Labuan with its four established wreck diving sites is also popular among divers. The Cement Wreck is good for beginners while the Blue Water Wreck is for advanced divers. It is possible to explore the hulls of the Australian and American wrecks, though these dive sites are only accessible to qualified wreck divers.

Religious sites of interest are the An'nur Jamek Mosque, Kwong Fook Kung Temple and Labuan Gurdwara Sahib. The mosque is a place of worship for Labuan's Muslim community and has a progressive futuristic design. The Kung temple, built in 1952 is the oldest Chinese temple on the island. The Hokkien people stage a deity procession with trance-like dances and food offerings every year in March. Labuan Gurdwara Sahib is a place of worship for Labuan's Sikh community and was constructed in 1957. The design was inspired by the Sikh ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar. The Peace Park at Layang-Layangan commemorates World War II and is a serene retreat.

Japanese-inspired ponds and pavilions with stone bridges are scattered around beautifully tropical gardens.

Pualau Papan

Only 5 minutes by boat from Labuan, the island of Pulau Papan is popular among weekenders from Brunei. Beautiful setting of the island and its colonial lighthouse enhance Pulau Papan's natural charm. Chalet day accommodations are available. Camping is the only alternative for those wishing to stay overnight.
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