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Maldives Communications
Maldives Communications - TravelPuppy.com

Fax machines are available in resorts and in Male.


Internet is available in most regions of the Maldives. There is an Internet cafe in Male (the capital) and nearly all resorts provide the service for sending and receiving of e-mails. The islands’ ISP is Dhiraagu (see above).

Mobile telephone

GSM 900 network operated by Dhiraagu, the Maldives Telecommunications Company. Handsets may be can rented by the day.


It takes about a week for airmail to reach Western Europe.
Opening hours: Saturday-Thursday 07:30-13:30 and 16:00-17:50 hrs.


The weekly Maldives News Bulletin is published in English. The other dailies; Haveeru Daily, Miadhu News and Aafathis contain English sections. All the resort islands have information concerning local events.


BBC World Service and Voice of America are received. Occasionally the frequencies change and the most current frequency can be found online.


Telecommunications in the Maldives are pretty good – telegram services are available worldwide from Dhiraagu, in Male and the resorts.


Country code: 960.
Outgoing international code: 00.
IDD is available.
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