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Last updated : Nov 2009
Maldives General Info
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 236,800 sq kilometres (91,400 sq miles).


270,101 (2000).

Population Density

906.4 per sq kilometre.




74,069 (2000).


The Maldives Republic is situated 500 kilometres or 300 miles southwest of the southern edge of India and is made up of approximately 1,190 low-lying coral islands, of which only 200 are dwelt in. Many of the inhabited islands are sheltered by palm trees and lush tropical plantation, and the many uninhabited islands, some only sand spits or coral tips, are covered with small trees. A reef encircling a shallow lagoon surrounds each island. Large numbers of these islands combined with other coral growth form an atoll, encompassing a lagoon. All the low-lying islands are not more than 2 metres or 7 feet above sea level. For the most part, the aboriginal population does not combine with the foreign travellers, with the exception of those involved with tourism in the resorts and Male.


A republic since 1965. Achieved independence from the UK in 1965.

Head of State and Government: President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom since 1978


Dhivehi is the official national language while English is widely spoken in business, government offices and the commercial areas. Other languages are also widely spoken within tourist vicinity.


The aboriginal population is almost all Sunni Muslim.


GMT + 5.


220 volts AC, 50Hz. Round-pin plugs are normally used; however, square-pin plugs are becoming more common.
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