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Last updated : Nov 2009
Male Cost of Living
Male Cost of Living - TravelPuppy.com
Currency:Rufiya (Rf)


 Budget: US$1-3

 Mid-range: US$3-10

 Top-end: US$10-20


 Budget: US$25-35

  Mid-range: US$35-70

If you stay at one of the resorts, you don't need to carry cash at all since everything will be charged to your room and you can settle up before you depart with travellers' cheques or credit cards (American Express, Visa and MasterCard are best). It's best to carry US dollars; however, British pounds, German marks and Italian lira are all acceptable. You will not need Maldivian rufiya unless you use local shops and services.

Tipping is officially discouraged in the Maldives. Unofficially, if the service is good - and it usually is - it's customary to tip waiters and room staff in your resort. US$10 per week is an appropriate amount. Some resorts add a 10% charge, in which case a tip is not necessary. Bargaining is only expected in tourist shops in and around Singapore Bazaar in Male and at island village souvenir shops where there are no fixed prices.