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Last updated : Nov 2009
Male Sports
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Scuba diving is the major tourist attraction in the country and approximately 60% of travellers try diving at least once. A host of recognized and popular dive spots are available in the Maldives, most can be easily reached from resorts and the rest are accessible by boat on diving safari trips.

In addition to myriads of fish and corals, there is the excitement of diving with turtles, manta rays, moray eels, whales, and shark and enjoying some of the country's accessible shipwrecks, as well as the Maldive Victory off Hulule Airport, thought by many enthusiasts to be among the most thrilling wreck dives in the world.

Just about every resort operates a diving school to keep its guests occupied; however, you can also just wear a mask and flippers and swim a few of strokes from a beach to savour the fascinating moment of the country's submarine plant life.

As there are fabulous breaks accessible from the resorts near Male, Surfing has become increasingly popular in the regions. Surfing safaris to the isolated atolls can also be organized. It is always a good idea to reserve surf trips with a well known surf travel agent since the Maldives is certainly not the kind of country where a surfer can take a few boards and go towards for the waves.

The watersport enthusiast has a great deal of chances to go sailing, parasailing, water-skiing, jet skiing and windsurfing. An upmarket option at some resorts is Big game fishing; however, there is a 'tag and release' policy, so you are not allowed to keep your catch. If you can't get enough fishing during the day, you can also go night fishing on board a dhoni, a traditional boat.

Some people are just never satisfied, which must be why banana boat riding has become popular at most resorts. Up to 12 people climb onto a huge, blow-up banana, which is then hauled around a lagoon by a speedboat.

The enthusiasts prefer to bring their own telescopes even though some hotels offer these facilities. Stargazing is an outstanding activity here as there are few ‘city lights’ disturbing the stars twinkling in the evening sky over the islands. Gazing at them without the telescopes is also possible as the air is about as clear as you’ll find anywhere on earth and even the moon seems closer.

Badminton is available at many resorts sited around the country.

‘Bai Bala’ is a Maldivian tag game. Local associations compete and hold tournaments on many of the inhabited islands. Consult your hotel or resort staff for additional information.

Basketball can be played at numerous resorts and hotels.

Beach Volleyball is a favoured activity at many resorts worldwide and the same goes for the Maldives.

Parasailing Fly above the islands, drift over the sea…gaze down through the crystal clear blue sea below and view layer after layer of many large groups of fish, see dolphins gambol below you and be amazed by the experience that will stay with you long after you land on the soft white sands of your glorious island retreat.

Sailing can be experienced on one of the many catamarans offered by most resorts or in a local sailing boat, a traditional dhoni. This is a fun experience and well worth trying, particularly at sunset or in the early morning. It's quite normal for large groups of dolphins to frolic around your boat or to see myriads of flying fish taking flight as the boat passes by.

Snorkeling for beginners and experts, without a doubt the country must rank as one of the very best places for snorkeling and diving in the world. The varieties of submarine life and the crystal clear blue sea with visibility up to 60 metres is hard to find anywhere else. Snorkeling in the Maldives is a specialty at all the resorts. All equipment required for snorkeling or diving is on hand at the resorts; however, any enthusiasts who prefer to bring their own snorkeling gear will be welcome to join the rest should they wish. With only a few exceptions, almost all resort islands have a "house reef" which is literally a stone's throw away. With a never ending variety of marine life at depths starting from one metre onwards.
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