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Last updated : Nov 2009
Trip to Maldives - Taj Lagoon
Pros: great accommodation, heavenly place, stunning views, good facilities
Cons: none

General info

In the summer of 1998 we left Holland for a 10 day holiday at the Maldives. Maldives is an archipelago of about 1200 islands, situated south of Sri Lanka. Flying above the archipelago is a wonderful experience, tiny white pearls in emerald green water. Ones landed, you will see that the islands are small paradises. Maldives capital is male, the main island where you will arrive. From there you will be transported by boat or water plane to the resort you have booked.

At the Maldives, locals and tourists are separated. So there are no locals that live on the resort islands. There are about 80 resort islands to choose from. We had booked a resort in the male Atoll, the Taj Lagoon Resort, at a distance of 20 min. from the airport (by speedboat).


The main building of the resort houses the reception, lobby, bar, restaurant, jeweler and a small gift shop. Also there is table tennis, some board games and a TV set present. On other locations on this very small (700 x 30 metre) island are a diving school and a water sport rental place.

If you are on a diet, you really shouldn't visit Taj Lagoon ;-) , the food that is served in the restaurant is excellent !! Three times a day you find both international and local specialties at the buffet. Every day fresh delicious cakes. The staff at this very well managed resort is very friendly and their service is at a very high standard, from waiter to receptionist.

The resort offers two types of accommodation, the beach bungalow and the water bungalow. We booked a water bungalow. It had a airco, fan, mini bar and bath, but the best part was the verandah and sun deck. The sun deck had stairs going down in the sea, so that is great to cool down after sunbathe.Excellent place to watch the sun sets and in the late evening you can see rays and hear predatory fish, e.g.

Beach & Sea

The beach at Taj Lagoon Resort is so white that is hurts your eyes when the sun shines. Every day the beach is cleaned by the hotel staff. If you decide to snorkle in the lagoon, you won't find living corals, but there are some beautiful fish to see. A better place to see corals is near the divers platform. A free boat will take you there and bring you back when you're done snorkeling. A lot to see there, but the current is strong. sharks getting their dinner.


Besides snorkeling you can scuba-dive or take lessons to get your PADI. Get a suntan and relax, but there is not a lot more to do on the island itself. However there are some daytrips available at the reception, and these are the ones we did:

Visit to Laguna Beach Resort:

Another beautiful resort island. Massive compared to Taj Lagoon however. It has a lot of colorful flowers and several restaurants. We didn't snorkle here, but we spend some time on the lovely beach.

Visit to Bolifushi:

Also a resort island. I think that this is a nice island, but I can't tell for sure because a lot of (re)construction was going on when we were visiting.

Snorkeling at Emboodhu Village:

Emboodhu Village is the resort island next to Taj Lagoon at about a half hour. It is crowded but the housereef is excellent. Some small blacktip sharks have the reef as their home and they are easily to spot.

Our opinion

The Maldives is a place for rest seekers. Do not go here if you love to shop or want to party all night. But if you like to relax and spend a lot of time in the sea and sun, this is your holiday. No cars no rush no noise. Just the sound of the sea. We love the Maldives and visited another island in February 2001.