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Last updated : Nov 2009
Wonderful Trip to Kuramathi
Pros: great accommodation, good facilities, beautiful coral reef
Cons: expensive

General info

Our holiday 2001 started at the 14th of February. We had decided to visit the Maldives again. This time we had booked a hotel on the largest resort island: Kuramathi.

From the airport we were transferred by speedboat / yacht. It took 1 hour and 40 minutes to arrive at Kuramathi and during that period there was nothing to see but water.

At Kuramathi there are 3 resorts: Kuramathi Village, the Cottage Club and the Blue Lagoon. All resorts are managed by the same company (Universal Resorts) that owns many other resorts at the Maldives as well.


The main building of the resort houses the reception, lobby, bar, restaurant and a small gift shop. Every guest is allowed to use the facilities of the other resorts as well.
We think that the food in the main restaurant (where you have your half/full board) is very tasteless. Due to an insufficient amount of tables, we had to have our dinner with total strangers. Very weird and uncomfortable. For those reasons we almost every night dinned at Siam Garden, a superb Thai food restaurant. Worth every penny.
The Laguna Grill, another restaurant, serves also good food.

NOTE: I have had numerous visitors who have been at Kuramathi as well, and a lot of them did not share our opinion on the main restaurant. Taking that in consideration, I assume we just had bad luck.

The bar serves great, but expensive ($8 a glass) cocktails. In case you have booked 'All Inclusive', you are in luck, because almost all drinks (cocktails too) are included.

For accommodation at Blue Lagoon you can choose between a beach bungalow and a water bungalow. The water bungalow we had booked was comfortably furnished with chairs fan air-conditioning and minibar. The water bungalows at Blue Lagoon and at the Cottage Club do not have a sundeck. Only a verandah is present, but you won't catch any sun there. Stairs are going down from the verandah to a platform. From there you can get in the sea.

After arrival and checking in we were transferred by minivan to our hotel: Blue Lagoon.

Beach & Sea

The beach at Kuramathi is not the best we have seen, but it is still very nice. Especially at the end of the island (Blue Lagoon side). A perfect spot at the sandbank to sunbathe. The sea is very calm and clear, and it has a great reef. Many, many different species of fish, small and large. We were even lucky to spot a turtle.


Relax, sunbathe, snorkle or scubadive. If that is not enough for you, you can windsurf, sail or hang out in the bar.

There are also some excursions available at the reception; the ones we did:

Snorkeling Trip:

We visited two reefs, not far from Kuramathi. The tour was guided by a marine-biologist. At both reefs the snorkeling was ok, some nice corals but we think that overall the reef at Kuramathi is much better.

Shopping at Rashdoo:

A 2 hour visit to the nearby local island Rashdoo. You are only allowed in the 'shopping area'. You find souvenir shops that all sell the same goods: T-shirts and woodcarving, mainly imported from Indonesia.

Island Hopping:

There are two different zones for the Island Hopping tour. We were only able to do zone A. We visited Fesdhoo, another resort island manages by Universal Resorts. Feshdoo has a beautiful housereef, only a couple of meters out of the beach. Beautiful corals to see. After that we had a BBQ lunch at an uninhabited island. We tried to snorkle there, but the current was too strong. Bad Luck.

Sunset Trip:

Less than an hour on a boat, just out of the coast. You get a glass of champagne, and when you are lucky a nice sunset.

Our opinion

Kuramathi is a very beautiful island, lots of tropical vegetation and an incredible housereef. If you plan a trip to Kuramathi we can only advise you to go. Perhaps you should consider booking the Cottage Club or Kuramathi Village (the other resorts), because we had the impression that the Blue Lagoon Resort didn't had its necessary 'upgrade' yet.