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South Myanmar
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Yangon (or Rangoon) is the capital city of Buddhist temples, open-air markets, food stalls and run down colonial architecture. Its population is more than two millions. Most of the city was constructed 100 years ago, and even though it endured serious damage during World War II, some examples of a more ancient culture remain intact and these include;

 The golden Shwedragon Pagoda, among the most amazing Buddhist shrines in Asia and reputedly 2,500 years old (though reconstructed in 1769).

 The Sule Pagoda, also more than 2,000 years old.

 The Botataung Pagoda, hollow with a mirrored maze.

 The Maha Pasan Guha (Great Cave).


Outside Yangon, places worth a visit are;

 The Naga-Yone enclosure adjacent to Myinkaba, contains a Buddha figure entwined and protected by a very large cobra – a mix of Buddhism and Brahman astrology.

 Kyaik Tyo and its ‘Golden Rock Pagoda’, a 5.5 metre (18feet) shrine erected on a gold-plated boulder on top of a cliff.

 Pegu, established in 1573, known for its golden Shwemawdaw Pagoda and market.

The Shwethalyaung Buddha is located northeast of Pegu, known as 1 of the most lifelike and beautiful of reclining Buddhas, which was lost and covered with jungle following the destruction of Pegu in 1757. It was rediscovered in the British era, during construction of the railway.
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