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Last updated : Nov 2009
Yangon Business Profile
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Yangon Economy

Yangon is the centre of the country's administration and economy. The city is usually vibrant with many different commercial enterprises emanating from the delta area, which is the rice bowl of Myanmar.

Resulting from the current economic policy of opening up to the outside commercial world, Yangon has experienced rapid growth of trade in the private sector over the past last few years. Over 3,000 commercial companies, all located in Yangon, have been established so far.

New hotels, inns, motels, private accommodation and other amenities such as golf courses are being constructed on a large scale. The Y.C.D.C, which is the Capital’s metropolitan authority, has plans to establish factories in cooperation with foreign companies.


Lightweight suits are advised during the day; jackets should be worn for high-level meetings. Most commercial business transactions are conducted in English. Business cards in Burmese script are recommended.

The best time to visit is October to February.

Office hours: Monday-Friday 09:30-16:30.

Commercial Information

There are more than twenty Government Corporations handling all aspects of business. The Inspection and Agency Corporation in Yangon actively promotes business with foreign companies. For additional information, contact the commercial section of the Embassy (see Contact section).
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