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Last updated : Nov 2009
Yangon Getting Around
Getting Around Yangon - TravelPuppy.com

Many hotels provide limousine services (chauffeur driven). Cars available in Yangon range from 4 wheel drive to Japanese vehicles like Toyota/Mitsubishi or Nissan. Airport pick up (one-way) with a Mercedes Benz costs approximately US$20. Rental by the hour is US$25 within the capital city of Yangon.


The easiest way to travel not surprisingly is by taxi. Taxis don't all have meters and only some have air-conditioning. It is recommended to negotiate the price before starting off. Government operated taxis have a red stripe over a blue-painted body; however, there are many privately run taxis also available. The condition varies widely, taped up windscreens, no dashboards and even holes in the floor aren’t rare.


Yangon features a fleet of dilapidated buses, looking like much larger versions of the pick-up trucks which will take you just about anywhere within Yagon and some will even take you outside the capital. Buses are normally operated by the state-owned Road Transport Enterprise. Within Yangon, buses are very cramped and travellers are not advised to use.

Public bus services tend to be uncomfortable and unreliable. Travellers may pay the fare in Kyat (Myanmar currency) on some specific lines only. Due to the progressing transport privatisation programme, a group of privately run buses are now available. The principal lines are from Yangon to Meiktila, Pyay, Mandalay and Taunggyi. Private buses have air-conditioning and accept payment in kyat, FECs or US dollars.


Myanmar Railways operate trains on many routes, the main line is from Yangon to Mandalay with travel time of approximately 12 to 14 hours. Overnight trains offer sleeping cars. Sufficient up-country transport is available if you have spare time; however, seats are quite limited. There are no dining cars, so its recommended to prepare your own food and drinks.

Tickets must be purchased through Myanmar Travel and Tours as part of a tour group. Regular services run from Yangon to Mandalay and from Yangon to Thazi. Also a circular rail service operates in yangon.


Bicycles are provided at some hotels. However, you may buy one and resell it before departure or bring your own, along with any spare parts you might require, as these are even more difficult to obtain by than the bikes themselves.


You can easily find Trishaws anywhere in the city apart from some very busy locations. Trishaws are the cheapest and most convenient mean to get through the whole city.


These act like taxis and haggling over the fare is necessary before riding. In fact, almost any vehicle will gladly offer their services if you stand by the road and look like a lost tourist.


Pick-ups double as minibuses in the capital and are inexpensive if you are daring enough to ride in one. This is absolutely not the way to ride around if you desire comfort but is the way to travel if you want to move around and talk to lots of different local people.
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