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Last updated : Nov 2009
Yangon Nightlife
Yangon Nightlife - TravelPuppy.com
Nightlife in Myanmar is virtually non-existent; In Yangon there is a possibility of, particularly for tourists, organized evenings where you can see folk-dances and costumes from local minorities. Some nightclubs are available and they are generally frequented by chinese businessmen where you can see fashion-shows and listen to local singers. The entrance fee is usually 10 US dollars; with 2 drinks included.

Visiting hotel nightclubs is not advised and drinks in their bars tend to be expensive. To listen to music, head to one of the 'Mr Guitar' cafes that offers cheap alcohol, has live music until late and is popular both with the locals and expats alike. Or just pull up a stool at one of the many outdoor beer gardens and enjoy the atmosphere.

You can sing in several karaoke bars. There are also some pubs where younger people come to play the guitar and enjoy a drink. Chinatown is also a good place to go; at Sule pagoda walk into Mahabandaloo street for about 1 kilometre and you will see it on your right. Many shops have open-air barbecues and a wide variety of drinks available. Nightlife normally ends around midnight, sometimes 1.00 am.

Things change during full moon. Fairs are organized; kids walk with paper rabbits, people meditate at pagodas and when you meet them in the evening they offer you fruit juice, water and some small snacks. If you have time to visit the circus, do it. The shows start at 8.00 pm and end at 5.00 am.

Theatre, acrobatics and the elephant along with a crowd of only locals make this a must see experience. The music is sufficiently loud to keep you up till 5.00 am. Only theatre and singing continues after midnight.

Yangon does not have a crazy nightlife, but this does not mean that there is nothing to do. Eating out is a pleasure. 'Taste of Thai' offers superb Thai cuisine and 'The Green Elephant' (ask anyone for directions) is well known for its delicious up market Myanmar food. Further downscale is the famous Baho St Grill. Not fine dining, however the food is fresh and well grilled. The seafood is trustworthy and if nothing sample the corn.