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Last updated : Nov 2009
Yangon Shopping
Yangon Shopping Guide - TravelPuppy.com
Yangon is without a doubt the situation for alternative shopping. It offers unusual, very cheap products that one won't find even in its nearby neighbors. Some of what it offers include:

Precious Stones & Jewelry

Travellers can go crazy purchasing stones in the capital city of Yangon, ranging from precious birthstones to finer jades, rubies and sapphire.

Lacquer ware

Lacquer ware is possibly the most popular buy in Myanmar. This attractive work of art, coming mainly from up-country Bagan (formerly Pagan), is easily a collectable. Shoppers can choose from various shapes, sizes and colours, and may also wish to purchase the antique lacquer ware pieces sold in major shops in town.


Unique tapestries equal lacquer ware in terms of popularity. These woven fabrics are usually handmade with gold and silver thread, and silver and metal finish.


Antiques are also popular in Yangon. Collectables include statues, brass animal shapes, old clokes and wooden fixtures.


Purchasers may plunge into a buying frenzy with all these colourful traditional longyi. They are sold in just about every market and store in town and prices are very reasonable.


Everything from small items such as figurines and wooden canes to home furniture, can be found here. One can definitely find pleasure in browsing through a great selection of good quality woodcraft.

The most popular places for bargains to hunt includes Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) with endless options of souvenir items sold at very reasonable prices. Buyers can enjoy haggling as most of the items are sold without price tags. Other places for good shopping include downtown Chinatown and various shopping centres around the city.