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Last updated : Nov 2009
Yangon Sports
Yangon Sports Guide - TravelPuppy.com
Yangon is a capital city loaded with life and various activities to cater for your requirements.

For golfers, Yangon is proud of their 5 major 18 hole international golf courses with stunning panoramic views. Golfing is very affordable in Yangon; green fees, caddies and buggies are all offered at reasonable prices.

Most of the main hotels have health clubs for those who enjoy exercising or swimming. There is no fee if you are a hotel's guest. Tennis courts, jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool and a gym are offered in most health clubs, and some health clubs have massage services.

Yangon boasts 3 main recreation clubs and they are American Club, Australian Club and British Club that have principal events occurring all year round. The clubs above are mainly for members only; however, a number of people come and join the activities that are available. Seasonal sports are the Rangoon International Softball League, Volleyball, and Football League and the Interclub Darts competition. Hash running takes place every Saturday where anyone can join and have a good jog with plenty to drink after the run.

On the Inya Lake, a Sailing Club has boat races on weekends. Everyone can come and sail the boats. Instructors are also available for the beginners to help with the sailing. Approximately 20 minutes outside Yangon lies a Horse Riding club which is available for those who wish to ride horses. The horses are well kept, maintained by the Yangon Equestrian Club. Trainers are also available to help novices.

There are a wide range of activities for children to savour while they are in Yangon. The only one zoo in the country is the Yangon Zoo which is home to many animals such as bears, tigers, snakes and so on. Many amusement parks with a number of games as well as fun rides are also available in Myanmar. There are also Fun Fairs year round.