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Nepal Getting Around - Internal Travel
Nepal Internal Travel - Getting Around Nepal - TravelPuppy.com

There are domestic flights connecting main towns from Kathmandu. A lot of these provide incredible mountain views.

Royal Nepal Airlines operates scheduled flights to about 21 destinations in the internal regions of Nepal.

Other airlines, some 18 of them, offer frequent and charter services to frequently visited destinations.

Helicopters can be hired. Nepal’s air service is famous for its punctuality and reliability.

Departure tax

Tax of Nrs50 is levied at Kathmandu as well as Bhadrapur, Bharatpur, Biratnagar, Dang, Dhangadi, Janakapur, Mahendranagar, Nepalgang, Pokhara, Rajbiraj, Siddharthanagar and Simara.

Tax of Nrs20 is charged at all other airports.


Foreigners must pay for airfares in foreign currency. Only nationals of Nepal and India can pay in Nepalese Rupees.


Nepal Janakpur-Jayanager Railways (NJJR) provides a freight and passenger service in the eastern Terai.


Traffic drives on the left. The inside of Nepal is connected with many of paved roads. The quality of the road system is unpredictable.


There are regular bus services to Kathmandu from all of the border areas. Bus tickets can be reserved in advance. There are buses available for other regions of Nepal at the Gongabu bus terminal, close to Balaju. These services are provided by private operators and the Transport Corporation of Nepal. There are deluxe buses running from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Chitwan. Most depart at 7.00 am near Thamel in the heart of the city.

Car hire

Cars are available for hire at the Avis, the Hertz or Yeti Travels, in Kathmandu. Chauffeur-driven cars are only available in the Kathmandu Valley.


An International Driving Licence is valid for 15 days in Nepal after which a local licence is needed. Drivers must be 18 years of age or over. A temporary licence can be obtained from local authorities on presentation of a valid national driving licence.


Bus services are available in the popular precincts around Kathmandu, including the nearby cities of Patan and Bhaktapur. A trolleybus route provides journeys over the 11 kilometre or 7-mile Kathmandu–Bhaktapur road.

Private minibuses join the trolleybus route from the neighbouring villages. On buses and trolley buses which belong to the Transport Corporation of Nepal, a 4-stage fare rate applies, with colour-coded tickets issued by the conductors. Micro buses also operate throughout the city.


There are many metered taxis in Kathmandu. At night the meter reading plus 50% is common. Private taxis are more costly and fares should be negotiated before the journey.


Tempos are metered three-wheel scooters, which are quite cheaper than taxis.


Rickshaws are available around the city and fares should be agreed on before the ride.

Bicycles and motorcycles

Bicycles and motorcycles are available and can be rented from bike-shops or hotels by the hour or day. Motorcyclists need a driving licence. Cyclists should ensure they have a working bell.
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