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Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu Valley - TravelPuppy.com

Kathmandu was once 1 of the 3 equal cities while the other 2 were Bhaktapur and Patan. Bhaktapur is known as the ‘temple city’, situated 12 kilometres or 7.5 miles from Kathmandu in the eastern region of the valley.

The Kathmandu Valley’s cultural and natural heritage has moved UNESCO to list 7 World Heritage Sites in this region.

The National Art Gallery, set within the old Malla Palace includes remarkable colorful animal paintings on the 2nd floor that are well worth seeing.

In Bhaktapur museums, you can visit the National Woodworking Museum, with fine examples of Newari woodcarving for which the city is famous for, and the Brass and Bronze Museum which are in Dattatreya Square.


Patan, renowned for its silverware and bronze is set at the southern tip of the Kathmandu Valley.

The city has a number of ancient historic and artistic places, which include Patan Durbar Square (as well as the situation for the attractive Patan Museum), the Royal Bath, Krishna Mandir, the Kumbheshwor Temple and the Golden Temple.

The Jawalakhel Zoo houses unusual but interesting South Asian animals.


There seems to be sanctuaries for nearly all purposes in the valley, such as the Shrine of Ganesh the Elephant God, said to bring good luck. 4 Ganesh temples are located within the valley, each with a masterpiece of Nepalese architecture. The 1st one is in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, the 2nd is in Chabahil, the 3rd is in Chobar and the last one is near Bhaktapur.

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and 1 of the world’s most important pilgrimage sights.

Nepal’s first national park, the Royal Chitwan National Park is a jungle with a variety of flora and fauna. Lodges are also available and provide accommodations, canoeing, elephant riding and white-water rafting.

Nagarkot Village, located on rice steps in the majestic rural area offers
marvellous views of Mount Everest, mist permitting.

The hill village of Gorkha is the ancestral home of the Shah Dynasty and home of the original Gurkha soldiers. There is a bustling market/bazaar and the Royal Trek to Pokhara starts here. The isolated Pokhara Town is 200 kilometres (125 miles) west of Kathmandu in central Nepal on Lake Phewa. There is no other place in the world providing such a view of the Himalayas. It is a starting area for trekkers and mountaineers, and was at one time the home of JRR Tolkien.
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