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Last updated : Nov 2009
Tribhuwan International Airport
Kathmandu International Airport - TravelPuppy.com
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The Royal Nepal Airlines (RA) is the flag carrier of Nepal with flights to/ from Kathmandu
 Bangkok  2.5 hours
 Calcutta  1.00 hour
 Delhi  1.15 hours
 Dubai  4.11 hours
 Frankfurt  10.00 hours
 Hong Kong  5 hours
 2.20 hours
 Osaka  7.20 hours
 Paris  11.00 hours
 London  12.00 hours
 Shanghai  4.50 hours
 Singapore  4.30 hours
At Tribhuwan International Airport, 5 kilometres east of Kathmandu's city centre, you will first have to deal with immigration. If you do not have a visa, fill out an application form and wait in the queues. You will need one passport-size photo and the exact amount in cash US dollars - you can get dollars at the exchange counter in the immigration area. If you already have a visa, wait in the smaller queue.

The duty-free shop in the immigration hall has some good bargains. Baggage claim is downstairs, where trolleys are available. There is another exchange counter to the right as you exit customs, but rates are better in town. There is also a government tourist information desk, providing free city maps and brochures, and a free hotel association booking service though mostly the more expensive hotels. You can call lodgings yourself from one of the free courtesy phones, though they do not always work.

Most taxis at the airport operate on a voucher system and these are sold from the drivers' syndicate booth just inside or just outside the arrivals exit. Prices are fixed in the high season and are posted on a board. Many touts offer a "free" ride if you stay at their lodge, but the fare and the tout's commission will get added on to the room charge. This can roughly double the price of the room, which is why you will probably end up moving the next day.

Local buses offer a cheap but inconvenient alternative. They leave from the main intersection at the end of the airport drive - a 200 metre walk - and end at the City Bus Park, about 2 kilometres from most guest houses.

Airport Hotels

The closest airport hotel is Everest Hotel, 3 kilometres from the airport. Hotels in Kathmandu include the Taj de L’ Annapurna Hotel. Discounted reservations can be made through DirectRooms.com
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