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Last updated : Nov 2009
Nepal Travelogues
Nepal Travelogues - TravelPuppy.com
Great tips, diaries and tales from real people, detailing their personal experiences and opinions. Their sense of adventure harnesses the joys of travelling. Providing useful information and personal views on Nepal travel and never boring! We hope this information enables you to help plan your trip and the places that interest you.

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Featured tales
A trip to the jungle at Chitwan National Park in Nepal

Pros: Interesting and adventurous place
Cons: none

Chitwan National Park – I think this place I’m staying is called Jungle Island Resort Lodge. Kind of a hokey name but actually quite .... read more

Farewell Nepal
Rating : (4.8)

Pros: beautiful mountain views
Cons: strike

We flew up to Pokhara to be greeted by more sunshine and great views of the Annapurnas and Dhaulagiri. However after a day spent .... read more

Pokhara trekking, Nepal
Rating :   (4.2)

Pros: beautiful scenery, great mountain view, adventurous
Cons: winding roads

Bus run to Pokhara reasonably smooth from the tragic border town of Sunauli. Winding hill roads most of the way but the scenery .... read more

Ganesh guides us through Nepal!
Rating : (4.7)

Pros: superb view of snow capped mountains, adventurous
Cons: none

Nepal was spectacular! We had really looked forward to this part of the trip, and it exceeded all of our expectations. It certainly started off .... read more

Trekking in the Himalayas!!!
Rating :   (4.4)

Pros: adventurous trekking of the Himalayas, friendly locals, spectacular views
Cons: none

We have just returned from 3 days of trekking around the Anapurna range of the Himalayas. It was simply wonderful. It was so nice in fact, ... read more

Nepal - The Top of The World
Rating : (5.0)

Pros: friendly people, breathtaking view of the mountains, gorgeous temple architecture
Cons: bad roads

To make the journey into Nepal easier we hired a car to take us across the Nepal border and then on to our first stop ?the city of Pokhara ... read more

Om Mani Padme Hum from Nepal
Rating : (4.4)

Pros: beautiful view of the Mt. Everest, trekking in the mountains
Cons: none

Hello to everyone from the Mystical Kingdom of Nepal! We arrived in the capital, Kathmandu, on February 27th and instantly fell in love ... read more

Stuck in Kathmandu
Rating : (5.0)

Pros: interesting palaces and temples, friendly people, stunning mountain views
Cons: strange road law, students rioting

We first arrived in Kathmandu what seemed like an eternity ago on 16th April and now nearly five weeks later we are still here having only ... read more

Dharamsala delights
Rating : (4.5)

Pros: unspoilt countryside, cultural
Cons: none

So, I have made it to the second country on my trip. Nepal is a lot like India at first glance - full of people trying to sell me trinkets ... read more
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