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Philippines Sports
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Although there are about 70 golf courses, only a handful of these conform to championship specifications. Private courses have armed guards with instructions to refuse entry to non-members. Clubs that do let customers in are quite expensive. Some of the best non-member clubs that open to visitors are El Club Intramuros at the Grand Boulevard Hotel, central Manila; Forbes Park in southeastern Manila, where 2 of 3 courses are open to visitors; Canlubang is one of many spectacular courses in southern Luzon and the only one that opens to non-members; and Camp John Hay, located near the Baguio hill resort, in the mountains, where there are private bungalows for golf players to let. Courses on the islands of Mindanao and Visayas, at Bacolod, Cebu and Davao, can be accessible by ferry or by a domestic flight. Occasionally non-members are permitted to play at privately owned clubs on a personal invitation. Some hotels can arrange this. To request the brochure ‘Golf in the Philippines’ or for more details, contact the Philippine Department of Tourism or the Federation of Golf Clubs

Water sports

The clear warm waters, abundant coral reefs, tropical climate and varied marine life make the Philippines an excellent location for scuba diving and snorkeling. Options go from resort-based diving to extended trips to unexplored areas. White sandy beaches can be found everywhere. The best dive sites are on the islands of Batangas, Mindoro (particularly Apo Reef Marine Park) Bohol and Palawan. The informative and detailed pocket map ‘A Diver’s Paradise’ is available from the Philippine Department of Tourism (see Contact section). Traditional canoes or bancas are available for rent on most beaches. Surfing and windsurfing is also popular. Kayaking and rafting is available in Mindanao and Luzon during the wet season.


The warm waters of the Philippines, incorporating almost 2,000,000 sq km or 772,200 square miles of fishing grounds, rank 12th in worldwide fish production. Over 2,400 fish species inhabit these waters, including many game fish such as giant tuna, tanguingue, king mackerel, great barracuda, swordfish and marlin. Tour operators in Manila can arrange trips. Game fishing is best from the months of December to August.

Eco tourism

Adventure packages with an ecological edge can be arranged by various operators. Activities include canopy walking where participants are lifted by pulleys to the canopy on the Philippine rainforest near Cagayan de Oro. The better parts for trekking and mountaineering are the Matulid River, Mount Pulog and Mount Halcon including the well-known UNESCO World Heritage listed rice terraces in the Cordillera mountain range, in northern Luzon. Whale and dolphin watching in the Tanon Strait near Bohol Island is also popular.

Other activities

The traditional game called Sipa is played with a small wicker ball and can be watched at the Rizal Court in Manila.
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