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Last updated : Nov 2009
Philippines Travelogues
Philippines Travelogues - TravelPuppy.com
Great tips, diaries and tales from real people detailing their personal experiences and opinions. Their sense of adventure harnesses the joys of travelling. Providing useful information and personal views on Philippines travel and never boring! We hope this information enables you to help plan your trip and the places that interest you.

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Featured tales
That little thing is a killer volcano?!
Rating :   Jul 15 '00

Pros: Cheap, fun, and you get a break from the heat
Cons: Vampires and Ghosts, Opportunistic kids

"One of the world's deadliest" was what I was told while visiting the Taal Volcano on the day of my 29th birthday."That little thing?" ... read more
Philippines, Oh beautiful Philippines!
Rating : Feb 14 '02

Pros: Cheap. Easy lifestyle. Friendly people. 7107 islands. Beautiful beaches, great scuba diving locations. A must for anyone who likes the sun, the beach, the sea and the easy life.
Cons: Recent problems. Kidnappings. Manila pollution. Instability. Coup rumors every five minutes.

When I went to the travel agency in Amsterdam, they had absolutely no information about the Philippines ... read more
Philippines - Unhidden paradise at bargain prices
Rating : Aug 13 '01 (Updated Oct 24 '01)

Pros: Variety of Attractions, Cheap, Amazing beaches and Extremely friendly people
Cons: Takes time to travel from place to place. Must bargain for everything.

I spent 5 weeks in the Philippines (April-May). Everyone asked why there? Isn't it dangerous? That's the beauty, the word is not out ... read more
7,107 Islands!?! Where Should You Go? A Brief Guide...
Rating : Sep 07 '00 (Updated Sep 07 '00)

Pros: The Philippines is full of beautiful islands to choose from
Cons: Not enough time, not enough time.....

The Philippines is best known for its beautiful island paradises and there are many to choose from. Here are my top choices ... read more
Land of Enchanted People
Rating : Jun 03 '00

Pros: Inexpensive, great people
Cons: food, inter-country travel is difficult

I had the privilege of living in the Philippine Islands for almost 2 years. The country offers diverse activities from lush beach resorts ... read more
Manila! Manila!
Rating : Feb 27 '00 (Updated Mar 05 '00)

Pros: Philippines is a paradise waiting to be discovered
Cons: not enough time and money to spend in that islands

I read with chagrin the opinions of JKeating1a," Bad Place To Be"( Sun Dec 12 99)about the City of Manila, Philippines. Though ... read more
The shortest volcano in the world
Rating : Jan 02 '01

Pros: Challenging walk up, beautiful locale
Cons: Horses and Hawkers

With the current crises the country experiences, it can't be denied that all the people are suffering. The continuous falling of the peso value, ... read more
Boracay Beach - White Sand
Rating : Dec 20 '99 (Updated Jan 12 '00)

Pros: Unusual destination that is reasonable priced.
Cons: You do not want to leave.

A visit to the Philippines is not complete without going to Boracay Beach in the South. Blue water, white sand, serene, but yet great ... read more
A beautiful, "off the beaten track" travel destination
Rating : Jun 04 '01

Pros: Very diverse culture and landscape, plenty to see, not awash with tourists.
Cons: Tourist resorts and tour arrangements often of mediocre quality, difficult travel at times.

The Philippines is a rather curious archipelago in the South China Sea, comprising an interesting, idiosyncratic mix of cultures that hold... read more
The Philippines - Reputation a Bum Rap!
Rating : Dec 20 '99

Pros: Friendly, Kind, Honest People
Cons: none

After reading Lonely Planet, and talking with Filipinos in our home town who warned us against going, we were a little apprehensive... read more
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