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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Shortest Volcano in The World

Jan 02 '01

Pros: Challenging walk up, beautiful locale
Cons: Horses and Hawkers

With the current crises the country experiences, it can't be denied that all the people are suffering. The continuous falling of the peso value, the skyrocketing price of gasoline, the continuing struggle in Mindanao and fare price hike has affected millions and millions of Filipinos, including me. But what makes me proud, even for a moment, is that Filipinos continue to struggle, hoping that in time everything will be all right. They learn to minimize, to save to survive for a day. ANd amidst of this all, they can still manage to paste a smile, a genuine smile on their faces.

During this hard times, we still unite. In my school, Xavier University, we launched a Share for Peace campaign for the war torn areas in Mindanao. Even if we can afford an average life, we still contribute thinking that a lot is more unfortunate than us. The school donated nearly half a million pesos in 3 months!!. See what a simple donation will do? Just helping each other, in a small simple way, can make us overcome the problems that has been plaguing our country. To all the investors, I ask for your cooperation and trust that our country is still a good place to invest. To do so will make the recovery of our country faster.

With these points given, I hope a lot of you can get something out of this. We Filipinos still struggle to move on...and still hopes..

Recommended: Yes