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Last updated : Nov 2009
Boracay Beach - White Sand
Rating :

Dec 20 '99 (Updated Jan 12 '00)

Pros: Unusual destination that is reasonable priced.
Cons: You do not want to leave.

A visit to the Philippines is not complete without going to Boracay Beach in the South. Blue water, white sand, serene, but yet great for people watching. Many celebrities, like Brooke Sheilds, has been here.

What is even better is that most Filipino people speak English! The rate of the Dollar is really strong compared to the Philippine Money, making travel there cheap.

Call the Philippine Tourism Bureau in New York to get all the tourist information you need! My favorite hotel is Pearl of the Pacific. The rooms are comfortable, clean and the service is great.

Enjoy Boracay's nightlife. Go to Summer Place, Cocomangas and Beach Comber.

Recommended: Yes