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Night Safari
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Singapore, Singapore
Feb 20, 2003 05:55

Pros : clean, beautiful and interesting place
Cons : none

18th Feb - Visited the symbol of Singapore - the Merlion. Basically a big fountain of a fish with a lion's head but it was nice to see the river again from a different perspective. Then we headed to Fort Canning Park again to visit the Battle box which is the bunker where the decision to surrender Singapore to the Japs was made. We were given a guided tour with little earphones and looked through radio mikes to see the old looking film footage superimposed on the rooms. This was really spooky as you could see the furniture for real and then people moving around on the film. In other rooms they also had moving waxworks of Mr Percival (the guy who made the decision) and all his crew and this was also really weird as they were so life like. We watched them move the pieces around on the maps with big sticks and then watched the meeting where the fateful decision was made. Singapore had little water, fuel or ammo but what they didn't know was that the Japanese had even less. However, Percy stuck by his decision in order to save the civilians even though they probably got a worse deal after the surrender anyway. The box was sealed after the war and only opened in 1988 and it is still being restored in places and it was chilling to see graffiti left by both sides at those important times in history.

Next we headed into town to try and get some antibionics over the counter but with no luck, as yes, you guessed it, yet another abcess!!! This one about half an inch from the first one but we are getting quite used to them now.

Our last activity for Singapore was the infamous Night Safari. It was expensive at $20 each and it was raining on and off but it was worth it. We took a tram ride, then did a walk, then re-joied the tram and then did another 2 walks so we covered the whole area. The animals get really close to the trams and sometimes scare you when they suddenly move from the shadows inches from your face! We saw bearded pigs, mousedeer, fishing cats, hyenas, large bats and all sorts of other weird and wonderful creatures. We also saw a lovely family of elephants too. Best of all for us were the big cats that you can view on the walks behind glass screens. They can't see you but the tigers stood in a line facing us about 5 feet away which was really thrilling. We also saw some leopards resting against the glass and got a real close up of their beautiful eyes and huge paws. There was a big pride of lions too with a huge male watching over the proceedings as his cubs playd and tumbled around. You can't see any bars or cages which is really great as they use natural barriers and you really feel that you are in their territory as you stroll around the paths through the trees in the pitch darkness. Luckily we just made the last train back to Geylang.

A brilliant way to end our Singapore journey!!