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Last updated : Nov 2009
In Transit - On my way back to the western world
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Singapore, Singapore
Dec 28, 2003 20:02

Pros: beautiful, modern, clean
Cons: expensive, harsh

Stopped over in Sing on the way to Australia... Singapore was cool. Pretty much exactly how it's always described... incredibly efficient, clean and sterile. The subways were immaculate. There was a $1000 dollar fine for getting caught eating or drinking anything while in the tunnels or on the train. Harsh. Which is I guess like many of their rules. But it keeps the crime rate low. Imagine trying to enforce that on the TTC?

Amazing gardens and parks. Lots of Western influence. Friendly people. The most similar to home out of all the other Asian countries that I visited. I was really surprised that English is the official language. I guess there are so many different sects from other Asian countries that live there, that it's just easier to stick to one fairly internationl language.

I just bought water proof casing for my camera (Happy Birthday to me). A bunch of people have it here. I'd never even seen it before? But it lets you take great shots underwater. Spent the rest of my B-day at the orchid gardens and then later at the Night Safari with a crew from the hostel I was at. I Can't wait to get the photos back of me and "Maggie", the 10 foot reticulated Python that helped me ring in my 27th year. Damn she was heavy! But so silky smooth... like newbuck leather.