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An Expensive St. Paddys in Singapore
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Singapore, Singapore
Mar 17, 2003 01:43

Pros: clean and interesting
Cons: expensive

The price of drinks in Singapore is shocking. In order not to let down the Irish couples from the Wayward Bus trip, we headed to Molly Malones on St. Patricks night, still slightly jet-lagged from yet another dodgy economy flight with Qantas. Simon tried the Guinness, a pint of which set him back over five pounds, and it wasn't even that good. That pretty much put an end to our St. Paddys celebrations else we might of had to think about coming home early.

We also were tempted into the Long Bar in the famous Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling, the cocktail invented there at the turn of the century. Originally a ladies' drink (and now a tourists' drink) this pink coloured concoction contains gin, cherry brandy, cointreau, benedictine, grenadine and a dash of Angostura Bitters and sets you back a cool eight pounds. However this time round, we got our monies worth by eating the equivalent of dinner in free peanuts on the bar.

Singapore was stinking hot when we arrived and extremely humid. You only had to walk a few minutes to look like you had run a marathon. Thank the lord for air conditioning. The many shopping malls became a useful escape from the heat, as did the swimming pool at the YWCA where we stayed (who luckily also let men in as well). We also met up with a good friend from home, Laura, who was travelling with two other nurses, Naomi and Lisa, who will join us as we head through Malaysia.

The city is vibrant at night. Areas such as Boat Quay, despite deafening loud music and steep prices, are packed at night, as is ChinaTown (would thoroughly recommend Mitzi's Restaurant, at least for the excellent food and service from the non-English speaking staff). There is also plenty to remind you of the old colonial days, interspersed between the massive skyscrapers, including the cricket club and Victoria Concert Hall. Well worth a visit Singapore but expect the bank account to come out of it slightly worse for wear.