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Last updated : Nov 2009
Colombo Cost of Living
Colombo Cost of Living -
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee


 Budget: US$0.50-3.00

 Mid-range: US$3-6.00

 High: US$6.00 and higher


 Budget: US$4-15.00

 Mid-range: US$15-30.00

 High: US$30 and higher

Colombo is still an economical city to travel throughout the city. Budget visitors can comfortably pay less than US$20.00 per night by staying in standard share or double rooms, travelling around by bus and not spending too much on food. Up the scale, add US$5 or $10 for staying in enchanting rest houses, or spend around US$100 per night if you want the luxury treatment.

Travellers' cheques can be changed at the main banks without any problems. Banks will offer a better rate for travellers' cheques; however, it is advised to carry cash with you when you can't get to a bank. Various money changers are also available in Colombo. US dollars are the most accepted currency. ATM's are very common. Credit cards are widely accepted; Mastercard and Visa cash withdrawals may be possible at the main banks.

A 10% service charge will be included in almost all accommodation or restaurant bills in the middle and top ranges, so tipping is not necessary, although those serving you will probably not see much of it. Hotel bellboys generally get about Rs 10-20 for a heavy bag. Bargains are widely available in Colombo. Find out what the approximate cost is and then come to a mutual compromise. Shouting or losing your temper won't get you anywhere.