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Last updated : Nov 2009
Sri Lanka Travelogues
Sri Lanka Travelogues -
Great tips, diaries and tales from real people, detailing their personal experiences and opinions. Their sense of adventure harnesses the joys of travelling. Providing useful information and personal views on Sri Lanka travel and never boring! We hope this information enables you to help plan your trip and the places that interest you.

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Featured tales
Negombo and Kandy
Rating : ( 4.9 ) ( 54 votes )

Pros: Friendly, Kind People, cultural centre, interesting place
Cons: dirty beach and shanty town-Negombo

After our 'holiday from our holiday' on Koh Chang, it was time to get back in travel mode again (no more laziness!). Arriving at the airport .... read more

The Beautiful Hill Country
Rating : ( 4.9 ) ( 54 votes )

Pros: friendly locals, gorgeous British style houses, many waterfalls, and beautiful scenery
Cons: none

We headed south east from Kandy to see more of the beautiful hill country in Sri Lanka's interior. We stayed a night in the hill station town .... read more

Rating : ( 4.9 ) ( 54 votes )

Pros: interesting and adventurous place, an amazing 360 degree view
Cons: none

Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka's ancient cities, and consists of a humungous rock fortress towering above a small village and lots of green jungle .... read more
Galle and Mirissa
Rating : ( 4.9 ) ( 54 votes )

Pros: beautiful place, gorgeous Dutch colonial buildings
Cons: none

Finally the day has come and we would be going to an entirely new country We spent one full day in Galle, a historical port city with a huge .... read more
Sri Lanka

Pros: Lovely Palladian architecture, gorgeous temples
Cons: none

"Where are you going, sir?"
"I want to go to Fort. Is this where the bus stops?" .... read more

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