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Last updated : Nov 2009
The Beautiful Hill Country
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Ella, Sri Lanka
Nov 19, 2003 18:50

Pros : friendly locals, gorgeous British style houses, many waterfalls, and beautiful scenery
Cons : none

We headed south east from Kandy to see more of the beautiful hill country in Sri Lanka's interior. We stayed a night in the hill station town of Nuwara Eliya, but unfortunately it was really rainy so we didn't get to go an any walks. Regardless, the town had gorgeous British style houses and gardens in the area, and there were many waterfalls dotting the tea plantation covered hills.

From there we caught the train to Ella which was a great trip - there were really nice Sri Lankan families with cute kids, and we saw really beautiful scenery (including lots of waterfalls!). Ella itself is gorgeous, it's a fairly small village and the main thing to do there is to go on walks. We're staying at Lizzie Villa Guesthouse in a section that's a family home with a few rooms for guests. It feels a bit intrusive at first staying in these places, but you get to sample home cooking, and it's a really friendly, relaxing atmosphere. There are fruit trees and spice gardens surrounging the house which is an added bonus.

Yesterday we walked to Ella Rock, a huge rock faced mountain with views looking down on villages, hills, and tea plantations. We got a bit lost at first and ended up in a tomato farm and a few peoples backyards (!) and then ended up going up the really hard way. It took about 2 hours to reach the top but the amazing view of the whole area made the hard slog well worth it. We didn't realise the area was leech infested until we met a guy at the top with blood dripping down his legs, thankfully we didn't get any on us but now we know to look out for them!

This morning we walked the opposite way out of town to a hilltop called Little Adam's Peak. It was a much easier walk but was also very beautiful. Tomorrow we're leaving the mountains behind!