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Last updated : Nov 2009
Taiwan General Info
Taiwan General Information - TravelPuppy.com

36,188 sq kilometres (13,972 sq miles)


22,560,000 (2003)

Population Density

623.6 per sq kilometre



Population of Taipei

2,641,856 (2002)


Taiwan (China) is the most important island of a group of 86 islands. It is dominated by the Central Mountain Range covering 69% of its land area and running its full length north to south on the eastern seaboard. Over 200 peaks exceed 3,000 metres. The highest peak is Yu Shan (Jade Mountain) with 3,952 metres high, and most are weightily forested. Approximately 31% of Taiwan is alluvial plain, most of it on the coastal strip. The Pescadores (Fisherman's Isles), which is called by the Chinese 'Penghu', consist of 64 islands west of Taiwan (China, PR) with a total area of 127 sq kilometres or 49 sq miles. The offshore island fortress of Quemoy (Kinmen) and Matsu forms part of the mainland province of Fukien.


Taiwan gained republic since 1912.

Head of State: President Chen Shui-bian since 2000.

Head of Government: Premier Frank Hsieh since 2005.


Northern Chinese (Mandarin) is the official language. Taiwanese is spoken throughout the country, and schools teach English as the first foreign language.


Buddhism; also Taoism, Christianity and Islam.

Time Zone

GMT + 8.


110 volts AC, 60Hz.
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