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Last updated : Nov 2009
Taiwan Getting There - International Travel
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Earthquakes which are mostly minor, take place on a regular basis and typhoons are a risk.

Travellers are recommended to update themselves about emergency procedures if such events were to take place.


China Airlines (CI) is the national airline of Taiwan.

EVA Airways (BR) provides many flights to destinations throughout Asia (apart from China, PR), Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Some other airlines that serve Taiwan are British Asia Airways, Continental Airlines, Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Estimated flight times

London is 15 hours and 20 minutes including stopover in Hong Kong from Taipei.

Chiang Kai-shek-Taipei (TPE)

Chiang Kai-shek-Taipei (TPE) is 40 kilometres south of the city with drive time of 30 minutes.

Airport facilities include an outgoing duty-free shop, bank/bureau de change, car hire, post office, bar/restaurant and tourist information.

Buses leave every 15 to 20 minutes for both Sung Shan (domestic) airport and the main railway station. There are taxis and buses available to the city centre.
 Address No. 9, Hangjan S. Rd.,
Dayuan Shiang,
Taoyuan, Taiwan 337,
 Location Taipei Int'l Airport is 40 kilometres or 25 miles southwest of the city.
 Country code 886
 Telephone +886 (3) 3982143 (Terminal 1), +886 (3) 3983274 (Terminal 2)
 Fax  -
 Email manager@cksairport.gov.tw
Kaohsiung International (KHH)

Kaohsiung International (KHH) is 9 kilometres from the town centre.

Airport facilities include an outgoing duty-free shop, car hire, bank/bureau de change, post office and bar/ restaurant.

There are both bus and taxi services to the town with drive time of 30 minutes.

Departure tax

 Address No.2 Chungshan 4th Rd.,
 Location Kaohsiung Int'l Airport is 9 kilometres or 4 miles from the town centre.
 Country code  886
 Telephone +886 (7)-8057630 0800-746001 (domestic);
+886 (7)-8057631 0800-090108 (international)
 Fax -
 Email kia@mail.kia.gov.tw
 Website www.kia.gov.tw

Ferries run on a regular basis between Keelung and Kaohsiung ports (Taiwan) and Okinawa (Japan). There are also sea links between Macau and Kaosiung.
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