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Taiwan Government
Taiwan Government - TravelPuppy.com
Under the amended 1947 constitution, Taiwan has an executive, who is Head of State, and is straightly elected for a 4-year term.

The parliament has 2 chambers. The Li Fa Yuan (Legislative Yuan) has 225 members – of which, 168 are elected for a 3-year term in multi-seat constituencies, 41 elected by proportional representation, 8 representing ethnic minorities, and 6 representing the overseas Chinese community.

After 6 constitutional amendments between April 1991 and 2000, the National Assembly is at present a non-standing body and its delegates are chosen by political parties on the basis of proportional representation. The majority of its original functions have been transferred to the Legislative Yuan.

A 300-member non-standing body will be chosen by proportional representation in accordance with the law to be approved by the Legislative Yuan.

The National Assembly's functions will be limited to voting on constitutional amendments, presidential impeachment, or modification of national boundaries as proposed by the Legislative Yuan. All its former powers have been transferred to the Legislative Yuan.
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