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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Taiwan or Formosa is an island in East Asia, and, since the Communist victory in 1949 on the Chinese mainland, the seat of the Chinese Nationalist government is not recognized by the People's Republic of China. It is disconnected from the Chinese mainland by the Taiwan (Formosa) Strait, and it borders the East China Sea on the north, the South China Sea on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the east.

It is in particular Taiwan's history with China that has caused the most friction and heartache for the Taiwanese. The never-ending tug-of-war between the People's Republic of China on the mainland and the Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan is often prone to seem like a civil war, though one that has not, as yet, developed into an all-out brawl. Mainland China insists on the truth of 'one China' while Taiwan has managed the impracticable tightrope act of agreeing, in principle, to one China but acting, in practice, like an independent republic.

In addition to Taiwan, the nation includes the Pescadores, the small Quemoy Islands off the mainland city of Amoy (Xiamen), and the Matsu group off Fuzhou (Foochow). The People's Republic of China asserts Taiwan as one of the provinces of its republic. Taiwan has an area of approximately 36,000 sq kilometres and Taipei is its capital and the largest city.

Taiwan is a contemporary industrialised megalopolis clinging to the fringes of an ancient way of life; a string of teeming cities at the feet of a beautiful mountain range. It has traditional noodles from a 7-Eleven, aboriginal tribes in mini-skirts and a day of temple rituals followed by the waterslide rides.

If you travel outside the hectic Taipei, you will see why Taiwan is known as Ilha Formosa, 'the beautiful island'. Mountain peaks puncture a sea of clouds, slick black volcanic rock wraps the coastlines and waterfalls shroud themselves in mist. Taiwan is a computer-generated Chinese watercolour.
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