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Last updated : Nov 2009
Taiwan Sports
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Water Sports

Taiwan's finest diving is likely to be off the islands around the coast, where the water is clearer and strong sea currents have kept pollution to the smallest amount. The interesting dive sites at Green Island to the east are Nanliao, with beautiful coral; Chungliao Submerged Reef (appropriate only for skilled divers); and Tapaisha.

Orchid Island is bounded by coral reefs and has numerous recommended dive sites.

The coral reefs of the south and the Pescadores Islands are considered good skin-diving areas.

Sharks and barracudas are uncommon in the waters around Taiwan.

For further information, contact:

Chinese Taipei Diving Association
No 34, Section 2, Chih Shan Road, Taipei
Telephone: (2) 2883 9466
Fax: (2) 2883 9468

The ocean, rivers and lakes are perfect for swimming. The ideal time to swim on the north coast is during May and September while the south coast has warm waters throughout the year.

Hot springs are widely found around the country. Some of the sites are conveniently reachable and offer baths, hot tubs and hotel facilities. The sea, lakes, rivers and fish farms provide mainly unlimited fishing. Not far from Taipei at the Tamsui and Hsintien rivers, Green Lake and Shihmen Reservoir, there is good fishing.


There are a number of year-round golf courses.

For further information contact:

Golf Association of the ROC (Taiwan)
12F-1, 125 Nanking E. Road, Section 2, Taipei
Telephone: (2) 2516 5611
Fax: (2) 2516 3208

Ten-pin bowling alleys and roller-skating rinks are fairly common in the main cities. Tapei has 2 ice skating rinks. Hiking in various parks is also popular.
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