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Fulong Beach and Danshui
Pros: magical place, relaxing atmosphere, indescribable ambiance, beautiful sunset
Cons: none

Danshui, Taiwan
Friday, Jun 11, 2004 20:38

My first experience actually leaving Taipei was extremely exciting! My Taiwanese roommate, Anita, introduced me to a few Westerners, like myself. Included are two British girls, a couple of Canadians, and a few Americans. Of course, I can't leave out Isaac, the four-month-old baby whose nationality I am unsure of. Born in Taiwan, he is the child of a British woman and an American man. Hmm, quite a confusing situation!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a group of about seven of us went up North to the coast to a town called DanShui. The combination of the sunset and carival-like setting produced an atmosphere of relaxation and good times. Some people played games, some took pictures, and many of us were shopping. Although it was a crowded scene, brimming with singers, painters, local vendors, and most of all, foot sloggers like myself, one could easily focus on the calm coast or the setting sun and overlook the masses.

We ate dinner on the second floor of restaurant with no walls. The breeze and the sunset created an indescribable ambiance. As we sat down, the servers brought two grills to our table, and we began to order an assortment of meats and veggies. Next we received empty plates, followed by the raw food. The next few hours of drinking beer, grilling our own food, and best of all, watching the sun fall completely into the sea, remain to be one of the best memories I have of being so far from home.

Danshui a magical place. I'm not sure if it because of the people with whom I shared and enjoyed my afternoon, the nice setting, or maybe a combination of everything that was surrounding us. I hope to spend many more evenings watching the sun set at Danshui.