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From Our Perspective, Up on the Mountain
Pros: clean place, hiking trails, beautiful scenery
Cons: none

Wu Je Shan (Five Finger Mountain), Taiwan
Thursday, Jun 17, 2004 20:07

Very few foreigners come to the Taipei area with out living in Taipei first, and I feel most fortunate that I am one of them. Taipei is a great city that I love to explore, but it is nice to escape the noise and pollution every day. I live with Anita, Ryan, and my sister Nelle on Wu Je Shan, which means Five Finger Mountain. Aside from the cleanliness and quiet days, other benefits such as a community, hiking trails, and beautiful scenery make coming home to the mountain something that I will definitely miss when I go back to the States.

Among many inspirational literary works, the American conservationalist John Muir wrote the following:

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life."

I have enjoyed many halcyon hikes and serene sunrises since I've had the advantage of living here. The past five nights have been clear, so I have taken the opportunity to sleep outside on the balcony. Every night, the stars have put me to sleep, and the sun has provided my wake up call around six-thirty. I am dreading the typhoon that is coming our way!! I wish I could sleep outside every day!!

To my family and friends embarking and concluding your adventures of the beach, Bonnaroo, and many others, I want you to know that I miss and love you all! When I go to the beaches here, I always think of my family and the good times that I am missing this year. All of the little cousins are growing so beautifully and I look forward to photos! When I hear live music, or even my own music in my stereo, I often think of my friends who are enjoying a summer of live music and unforgettable trips! I can't wait to share with all of you guys when I disembark this adventure of mine.

I love you all!