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Last updated : Nov 2009
First Multi Sports 2001
Pros: fun experience
Cons: none

Taichung, Taiwan
Thursday, Jul 31, 2003 15:32

I had a fantastic weekend down in Taichung. I managed to get a few people together to compete in this multi sports day that was taking place on Sunday. The five of us consisted of two Canadians (Cory & Kevin), an American (Brian), a Dutchman (Guido) and of course your very own Englishman. We met two Canadian girls (Anne and Kim) at the station, who were just going down to Taichung for the Saturday night.

We got down to Taichung about 5.30 and then got a taxi over to Napoli (the main Westerner hang out). We decided that we would just book one room in a hotel between 7 of us. Luckily, we managed to find quite a nice one 2 minutes walk from Napoli that had everything you need (two double beds, two couches, air conditioning and free porn on channel 14!). We paid up, dumped our stuff and then proceeded to take advantage of the special offer in Napoli, which was pay NT$300 for a pizza and then drink as many cans of Becks as you could between 7.30 and 9.30! Obviously, by 9.30 I was well tanked up, ready for The Match. For this I had to go down the street to a bar called M&Ms. I managed to get a space at the bar, so it was easy to order during the game. I was the only one wearing a Liverpool shirt, although there were others supporting the Reds. There were two lads wearing Arsenal shirts. As per usual with Liverpool, they didn't make things easy for themselves, forcing me to continue drinking Tiger beer to calm my nerves. I thought we'd blown it. but then of course the God they call Owen came up trumps. I think I must have hugged half the people in the pub on the final whistle, informing them that Owen was a genius/God/greatest striker in the world! I tried to do a celebratory "boli number" (the gospel according to Tait is being spread around Taiwan) but the pub couldn't provide a bottle. The 7 of us then piled into two taxis and headed over to the Pig Pen. The time spent in there is a bit of a blur (in case anyone asks I didn't pull; the greatest achievement of the night was simply being able to stand up). I got a taxi back to the hotel with Guido sometime between 4.00 and 5.00. When we got back another member had been added to the group and one member was missing. Cory had managed to pull a young Taiwanese girl and had taken her back to the hotel before the rest of us got back. The poor girl must have wondered what the hell was going on as these drunk Westerners came into the room and collapsed. Brian had gone walk about and told us the following morning that he had forgotten what room we were in and had spent an hour wandering the hotel walking into any unlocked room he found before he found the right one!

Sunday morning was obviously very painful on the head. I woke up about 9.00 and decided to go for a walk to try and clear my head. I ended up having to go for a lie down in the park next to the hotel. I got back to the hotel at 10.30 and then had to wake everyone up, as we had to be at Napoli for 11.00 to get the bus to the sports field. The porn was still on Channel 14, so I put that on full volume. Everyone woke up within 2 minutes!

We then got over to Naploi and then got the bus. Charl (my South African mate from Chutung) had also come down for the weekend and joined our team. The two girls were feeling too rough to play, so we were left with 6 of us (which was the minimum number of players you could have). It took a while for the competition to get started but when it did we performed remarkably well, considering we had only played football together 3 times, we only had a squad of 6 (many of the squads had 8-10 members) and we all felt like death from the previous night. We won two out of three Gaelic football matches (yours truly contributing 14 points), both volleyball games, both football games (I scored an Owen-esque goal in the second game, as well as missing from 5 yards after running the length of the field and only having the keeper to beat!) and drew one/lost one game of touch rugby. We ended up finishing 4th out of 16 teams. By the end of the day, we all felt awful (I got a bad case of cramp in my left calf, Brian vomited and also had a back spasm).

While the others caught the train back home, Guido Charl and myself decided to stay behind and make the most of the free buffet that was taking place at Napoli. I then crashed over at my mates Kevin's place and caught a train back early Monday morning. Teaching my three classes yesterday was hard going and I was just glad when the day was over. I'm feeling much better today, although the calves are still rather painful.