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Last updated : Nov 2009
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‘An ancient land of grace and harmony'

Where else but here can you cruise on a converted rice barge, visit upriver in a long-tail boat and take a white-knuckle ride on a bamboo raft, then stay in jungle tree homes, as guests of hilltribe villagers, or on raft houses floating on a river? Also worth trying are the trails that lead deep into the jungle past peaceful waterfalls, and the simple beauty of the sea lapping onto endless soft white sand.

Travellers will enjoy the beauty of the Golden Triangle's temples and remote hill tribes in the north of Chiang Mai, the beaches of Pattaya and more spotless Krabi and Phuket, and the lively Bangkok with its modern high-rise buildings juxtaposed against the exclusive beauty of the beaming Grand Palace. In every town, village and city, visitors will easily find the street markets crammed with all kinds of goods, where good-natured bartering is the norm.

Early morning Thai people offer arms to the saffron-robed monks who leave the sanctuary of their temples (wats), be it in a dusty village or on crowded city streets. Buddhism is a way of life and with the respect the people have for the monarchy, a dynasty that has maintained the independence of the country for centuries, the result for Thai people is a blend of tradition with contemporary living.
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