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Last updated : Nov 2009
Pattaya Cost of Living
Pattaya Cost of Living - TravelPuppy.com


 Budget: B50 to B140

 Mid-range: B150 to B300

 High: B300 and higher


 Budget: B170 to B600

 Mid-range: B600 to B2,500

 High: B2,500 and higher

ATM's or banks are easily found throughout Pattaya, and most hotels, tour agencies and many restaurants accept the major credit cards. However, cash only in the public markets, street stalls and transport options. It's best to keep a amount of 'small money' handy – 20, 50 and 100 baht notes – for small transactions and bargaining with conviction.

Although there are many visitors on package tours staying in resorts, opportunities abound for travellers on a budget. Eating out in Pattaya is a delight, with a range of excellent establishments catering to just about every taste and budget. For every upmarket bar or eateries, there is a cheap alternative. Prices in general compare to Bangkok, and are more reasonable than in Thailand's other beach resorts.