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Last updated : Nov 2009
Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife - TravelPuppy.com
Pattaya nightlife can be enjoyable and thrilling. There are a number of discos, transvestite cabarets, karaoke bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, open air bars and restaurants with live music and entertainment compete for attention.

Most of the nightlife and entertainment complex are found in South Pattaya, Beach Road, Pattaya 2 Road and Soi Post Office in North Pattaya.

Pattayaland Soi 1 and 2, known as “Boys Town”, is the centre of Gay and Go Go Bars.

Gourmet restaurants, cocktail lounges, discotheques, nightclubs and supper clubs are provided by the larger hotels in Pattaya. They offer great food, drinks, music and international entertainment which are suitable for family entertainment.

Live Music

After That
Soi 7.
After That is a grand beer bar, and its area in front of the band stage is big enough to sashay and to do so in comfort. Drinks are inexpensive and happy hour prices are absurdly low.

Bamboo Bar
South Pattaya Road.
1 of the few places in Pattaya for people to dance to live music which is not too loud and where the drink's prices are acceptable. Bamboo Bar has been popular for several years.

Blues Factory
Soi Lucky Star, off Walking Street.
Blues Factory has gained a well-deserved reputation for good quality live music in a pleasant setting. Jam nights, blues reviews and rock 'n' roll shows.

Elvis Pub
Second Road, around the corner from Soi 2.
As the name suggests, this venue provides music by the late Elvis Presley. Ritchie Newton, a German-born Elvis impersonator, 1 of only 3,000 or so to come out of the land of lederhosen. 2 shows are performed by him most nights and are normally well accepted.

Walking Street.
Formerly known as Freelancer Bar, the FLB house band, the Ugly Brothers (yes, they are), have the assembled punters tapping their toes. A good, friendly place with drink's prices that are not over the top. Nice to sit and relax, away from the crowded area.

Hopf Brew House
Beach Road, at the corner of Soi Yamato (13/1).
This high-class dining and drinking venue is furnished in a style of a German brewery. Hopf Brew House is popular among expatriates.

Star Music
Walking Street.
A live band that only a few people seem to listen to is performed here. However, it is an ideal place to sit and watch the comings and goings in Walking Street.

Moon River Pub
North Pattaya Road. (Thai Garden Resort).
Good international bands and artists perform most nights of the week (not on Mondays) as well as restaurant and snooker tables.

Walking Street.
It covers over 2 floors and right on the water at the top end of Walking Street. It features a rock and roll band, food and economy-priced booze. Plenty of seating and some of it overlooks Walking Street.

Soi Post Office, at the corner of Second Road.
Renowned for its transvestite shows, a poor imitation of places like Alcazar and Tiffany's, but a good place for those wishing to avoid the Asian hordes who make up the audiences in the latter mentioned establishments. Drinks prices are inexpensive and the atmosphere is laid back.


Walking Street.
The place to go if you want to find good looking girls and guys.

Tony's Entertainment Complex and Cool Spot
Walking Street.
Quite expensive drinks and pushy service staff don't stop people crowding into this place night after night. It may have a lot to do with the fact that almost every good-looking girl in town makes an appearance here at some time during the night.

Third Road.
A Thai-oriented disco, this well laid-out and club attracts its fair share of foreign merry makers. There are big shows on a big stage that are very attractive.


Pattaya is an ideal place for cabaret shows. Consisting of songs, dances and comedy routines, Pattaya's cabaret shows are renowned throughout the country and known worldwide. The female dancers are so pretty, lovely and attractive, but, these beautiful women were actually born "male". Their performances are so amusing and magnificent and the settings so fascinating that the show is a must for all visitors to Pattaya.

The following are major cabarets in Pattaya;

Alcazar, Second Road North Pattaya, Call (02)410-0505 for details.

Simon, Walking Street. Call (038)429-929 for details.

Tiffany Show, Second Road (North Pattaya). Call (038)421-700.
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