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Last updated : Nov 2009
Phuket Cost of Living
Phuket Cost of Living - TravelPuppy.com

 Budget: 70-140 Baht

 Mid-range: 150-300 Baht

 High: 300 Baht and higher


 Budget: 170-600 Baht

 Mid-range: 600-2,500 Baht

 High: 2,500 Baht and higher

There is no problem finding ATMs or banks on Phuket Island, and credit cards are widely accepted in most hotels, tour agencies and some restaurants. However, cash is only accepted in markets, street stalls and transport options. It is best to keep an amount of 'small money' handy – 20, 50 and 100 baht notes.

Travelling on a budget is becoming tougher on Phuket Island than most places in Thailand. The locals assume you are staying at a high end resort and charge accordingly. If you stay in cheap guest house, spend the day on the beach and eat street food, you could scrape by on 500 or 600 baht per day. The ride on a tuk-tuk and mid-priced Thai meal will take this nearer to 1,000 baht. If you are staying at a mid-priced hotel or small resort, eating in restaurants, buying souvenirs and riding tuk-tuks, you should count on contributing about 5,000 baht daily to the local economy.