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Last updated : Nov 2009
Phuket Travel Guide
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'The Pearl of the Andaman'

Phuket is Thailand's largest island and 1 of the most popular tourist resorts in Southeast Asia. Phuket has many natural resources and its weather is great for agriculture while offering stunning views of its large, beautiful scenery. Phuket's land supports various plants and animals, some aboriginal to Phuket. In addition to agriculture, Phuket Island has a long history of tin mining and production.

is the wealthiest province in Thailand, and has an area of 540 square kilometres. It is disconnected from the mainland by a narrow sea channel, and has been linked by a bridge for a long time while another bridge was built later. Popularity and vehicular traffic on Phuket Island has increased because of this access from the mainland. On this island you will find white long sandy beaches, rocky coast lines and large limestone cliffs. The interior of the island has hills and lush level areas containing varieties of tropical plant life. There are more geographic variations on this island than on any other islands in Thailand.

European pioneers settled on Phuket Island in the 16th Century. The Dutch pearl merchants were seeking for new and other supplies of pearls. Furthermore, a large resource of tin was found and it became renowned for its tin production.

The main city is Phuket Town. In the 19th century Phuket's huge tin sources attracted many Chinese newcomers. The sea worthy Portuguese resided here to ship the tin to other ports. A mixture of the Portuguese and Chinese lifestyle has given Phuket a culture of its own. The strong Chinese traditions have influenced this wealthy city. The agricultural products, rubber and seafood, as well as tin have all contributed to the general wealth of this island.

The original residents of Phuket were the Thai and Chinese. They simply lived from the sea and the land. The wandering Indonesian fishermen settled on Phuket's shores for short periods of time. The arrival of the European settlers brought traditions of their own. The mixture of locals, sea gypsies and Europeans gradually developed and changed into its own special blend. Phuket today has maintained this different culture of its own.
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