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Last updated : Nov 2009
Phuket Shopping
Phuket Shopping Guide - TravelPuppy.com
Phuket has some great shopping. Fine examples of traditional handicrafts, textiles, jewellery and antiques, gems, as well as more contemporary items from around the country are available at the markets and specialty shops all over the island. Phuket is also the source of some of the country's finest gift and souvenir products. Several large department stores like Big C, Tesco Lotus, Ocean Plaza and Robinson Department store are located in Phuket Town.

Fixed prices are the norm in department stores, but at many other places bargaining is acceptable and expected. Shopping in Thailand is fun, easy and very rewarding. Shop smart, compare the prices and obtain a receipt for goods bought. Some so called guides will try to take you shopping because they will get commissions so you will pay more if you go with one.


Contemporary and traditional styles of pottery are available Ceramics of Phuket. The selection is plentiful and beautiful. Visit their web site for the gallery and selections.


Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Khmer antiques are excellent buys. Certain pieces are not allowed for export, especially Buddha images, so be aware before purchasing. Other pieces may need an export license, but a reliable dealer will be able to advise on restrictions and any necessary documentation.


Brand name boutiques are available in every shopping centre, whilst clothing such as T-shirts and jeans are easily found at reasonable prices from street sellers. Be aware that most of them are copies of famous brand names on the street. Some quality custom tailoring is very affordable and tailors can produce or copy most styles in just a few days.

Cotton & Batik

Thai cottons have been more and more popular and are a good buy. Batik shops can be found everywhere on the island especially in the tourist centres. Cottons woven by tribal people of the North include bold designs and often lavish embroidery.


Rosewood furniture and rattan items are available in many designs and styles and can also be made to order. You can find teak wood, one of the best qualities available in upmarket furniture shops and boutiques. Most of the professional furniture stores can arrange international shipments to your home.


Thailand is 1 of the principal countries in the world known for the coloured gemstone. Rubies and sapphires are aboriginal, but almost all coloured gems, including diamonds, can be found here. Visitors should be careful and buy only from reliable dealers only.


A specialty of northern Thailand, this craft includes coating split bamboo or wood with lacquer, then adding intricate hand-painted designs usually gold-on-black lacquer or yellow and green on a red brown background. Look for laquerware bowls, trays boxes and other items for decoration or for souvenirs.


Practised in southern Thailand for hundreds of years, neilloware is the craft of decorating gold and silver objects with delicate etched designs filled with metal ware.


Pewter is created with great skill by Thai craftsmen, and the smooth, silky finish of this alloy is enhanced by a delicate relief decoration. Pewterware items include plates, vases. boxes and pocket flasks.


Perhaps the most famous of all local handicrafts, silk is available in a range of patterns, colour's and ply's, and is sold by the yard, or as ready-made clothing and souvenir items.

Thai Orchids

Thailand is well known for a variety and number of orchids. Their magnificent colour's and durable beauty make them a popular purchase.

Cashew Nuts

It is the island's well-known local product. Because of suitable climate, the cashew nuts here have a better quality than those grown elsewhere in the world. There are different kinds of cashew nut products available. From roasted cashew nuts with salt, cashew nuts fried with garlic to cashew nuts coated with chocolate, honeyed cashew nut brittle and cashew apple juice.

Bird's nests

These are available on Phuket Island and its neighbouring provinces and there are high quality bird's nests on sale in Phuket at economical prices.
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