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Last updated : Nov 2009
Samui Getting Around
Getting Around Samui - TravelPuppy.com
This island is an explorer's dream. It is just big enough to offer a diversity of landscape, vistas, flora and fauna, and yet small enough to seek adventure in its many out-of-the-way places, while almost never losing sight of the sea.


The least suitable method for exploring, but the safest and easiest way to get from point A to B if you don't know where B is by taxi. Drivers of public (red) taxis have operated here uncontrolled for years. Regrettably they have been the source of constant complaints. These include rudeness, overcharging, and worse. Efforts are being made to address all these problems.

Rent a Jeep

Available from family-owned agencies and a few large companies whose names you will recognize, the rental of a 4 wheel drive will give you a lot of freedom. It can serve as your basic transport, but can also be used to circumnavigate the entire main ring road of the island (about 1 hour) or more.

There are a number of hillside natural and man-made attractive spots which are conveniently reached from the ring road. For adventurers who have experience in off-road driving, can head up unto the mountains. If you can negotiate the deep narrow tracks and obviously impossibly steep inclines, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the neighbouring islands including stunning flora and fauna. If Samui were a paradise, its mountains are its Shangri-la.

Some vehicles come with insurance, but coverage is restricted. Travellers are advised to ask for details before renting one.


Many to opt for motor bikes to get around town, to the beach and out for the evening; making these inexpensive rentals the most popular option by far. They are fun, fast and easy to park. But BEWARE. Many local drivers have not received instructions in traffic safety, and many tourists are often riding these bikes for the first times in their lives. Many SERIOUS ACCIDENTS happen and people are killed. The statistics are alarming but a prudent person need not panic. These accidents are mostly always due to a serious lapse in judgment.


There is a good public transport link of songthaews on this island - actually, converted pick-up trucks fitted with bench seats. A lot of them run around Samui on diverse fixed routes and its fare is at about 20 baht for a short trip which is paid at the end of the journey. There are no fixed stops, so wave one down anywhere and ring the bell or bang on the roof to disembark. After dark, most songthaews operate as private taxis, so negotiate a fare before getting on board. At least several hundred baht is expected to pay to travel between beaches.
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