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Last updated : Nov 2009
Week Ten - Phuket to Phi Phi
Rating : (4.9 stars)

Phuket, Thailand
Nov 04, 2003 04:08

Pros: interesting and inexpensive place, alot to see and do
Cons: none

Up for gorgeous breakfast, fresh fresh fruit with yoghurt for Nic and PW has best omelette he has ever had. Done to beach at 11am and hire snorkelling mask and fins, 200 baht each. Loads of colourful fish to be seen around the rocks, it is amazing. Wish we had got used to snorkelling before diving as it is excellent and the water in Thailand is so clear and calm compared to Tofo Beach. Lie until about 3pm then back to luxurious room, quick shower and wander into town. Sasha and Tina advised that Peter should buy Birkenstock sandals, copies of course, which he buys for 350 baht, approx five pounds. Offered sales assistant 300 baht as we are trying to get used to bargaining but she insisted on 50 extra for her baby, so we of course paid up. Had dinner in Kuan Chang, another recommendation of Sashas and Tina and had gorgeous green curry and chicken and cashew for Nicola. Two piece band strike up with Donny Osmonds classic Puppy Love with their own interpretation of the words. Then for for another dander at other end of town where we find ourselves in pole dancing bar. Dont stay and head back to hotel for pint with Sasha and Tina. Decided this is our new favourite place and may stay a few extra days if we can get the same rate as we are paying, 2000 baht per night, approx 30 pounds. High season starts 1 Nov and rate goes up to 5000 baht per night.

Day 65 - Wednesday 29 October

Up for another gorgeous breakfast and discover its raining outside. Go to v modern internet cafe to upload photos and reply to emails. Three and a half hours finish due to a power cut caused by another thunder and lightning storm. We sneakily rate our own travelpod site but Nic hits 1 - Very Poor option by mistake, which serves us right. Short argument ensues. Buy some drinks, crisps, etc and go to room. PW sets up chairs overlooking beach where he reads and Nic writes postcards. V enjoyable. Decide to take tuk tuk to next beach up Kata Beach. Have couple of drinks in Mom Tris Boathouse which is recommended in Lets Go and other guides but the food is very expensive so head back to Karon Beach. Have nice Thai dinner but on way out notice chef baiting live rat trap.

Day 66 - Thursday 30 October

Up for another lazy day on the beach - heaven. The peace occasionally disturbed by the heavy artillery fire of the German accents interspersed by the light machine gun fire of their children. While I am at it, who runs Japan whilst they are all on holiday? Although the Japs are a personable bunch they have two annoying habits, three if you count POW camps. First is crowding the best view points for taking photos, thankfully this is easy to overcome by shooting over their heads. The second is their propensity to hack up phlegm and gob it on the nearest available space, be that marble hotel lobby or the childrens paddling pool. Hopefully everyone knows this is a Peter rant. Extend stay in hotel by two nights at same rate. Book Thai boxing for tomorrow night and ferry one way to Phi Phi on Monday. Also snorkelling to Rayai Island for Sunday, 2600 baht. Dine quietly in hotel restaurant.

Mosquitoes and two interesting facts

We have tried sprays, creams and garlic tables all with varying degrees of failure to prevent mosquito bites.
Fact One
In America you can hire dwarfs by the hour for whatever use you might have. Apart from the obvious, how delicious it would be to hire an ambidextrious one to scratch ones ankles until dawn. Whilst he was at it he could perhaps check out -
Fact Two
If you catch a mosquito in flagrante and forcibly hold it in place it will continue to suck your blood until it bursts. The mosquito that is not your ankle.

Kind thanks for these dubious facts to Juanito and Bill in Tofo Beach, respectively.

Day 67 - Friday 31 October

After breakfast ankles gently bleeding we head to the beach. Early dinner before pick up for Thai Boxing at 7pm. One hours drive in minibus picking up others at various hotels across the ilsand on the way to the stadium in Phuket town. Boxing v good although mostly kids. CJ would have been devastated to witness both boxing and young kids. Live music atmospheric and locals betting and cheering adds to the whole effect. Back to hotel for midnight.

Day 68 - Saturday 1 November

Another morning on our beautiful beach, it will be hard to leave here. PW still putting off first Thai massage from girls on beach. His reply of - maybe no - seems to amuse the girls. Both got good colour now although Peters silver chest hairs, a result of being hit by lightning when golfing, not old age, more apparent than ever. Tell Nicola that I think I look like important gorilla. Tuk tuk to Patong Beach to watch Irish match in Molly Malones Irish Bar. Five Irish, fifty Aussies. Ireland loose by one. Back for early night as up at 7am to get speedboat to Rayai.

Day 69 - Sunday 2 November

Set alarm for 7am and lazily get out of bed. Trip costs 2600 bahts for both of us, equals about 50 pounds but includes lunch, snorkels, trip around islands and snorkelling trip on coral reef and return ferry to Phuket Town. Delayed for one hour waiting for two Germans. Head off but one of the two hundred horse power Yamahas breaks down. So return to pier and change boats. One of those days. 28 km to Rayia Island in half an hour. Approach Island and waters are completely clear and sand is v white. Plans change a little due to lateness of departure and guide informs us we will stay from 11am until 12.30pm when we will have lunch, then leave for snorkelling trip at 2pm. Have surprisingly nice lunch with three other Japanese tourists and doze on lounger until 2pm. Gather belongings to watch our boat head out of the port without us. Guide says we can snorkel around island. Decide to do so and see amazing sights but sadly not much coral. Cannot believe boat has left without us and guide just apologises. Head back to Phuket at 3.30pm and back to hotel and on way back decide we wont have any drink today.

Until 6pm when we finish remains of Malibu, couple of tins of Chang beer and into town for sad final meal on Phuket, with beer and wine which Nicola vowed to stop drinking until Oz. Nic burning up and blames crap Nivea suncream for burning up as opposed to hours of lying in the sun. Head back to hotel to sadly pack and bed for 9pm as up v early next day.

Day 70 - Monday 3 November

Nicola ignores 6am alarm and dozes on whilst Peter gets up for last supreme breakfast. Cornies then two slices of toast, ham and cheese omelette with three crispy bacon, two frankfurters, breakfast ham and baked beans. Perfect. Take girls version down to Nicola in room. Taxi to ferry. Nice big boat holding three hundred passengers. Surprisingly breakfast and free water and juice supplied. Many such boats heading to Phi Phi so get a feeling its going to be v touristy. It is. Walk past all the touts on the jetty and check out Islands most expensive hotel, Cabana, costing 3600 baht for cheapest room, equals 60 pounds per night our maximum budget is 30 pounds per night. Decide to let tout take us to bungalow. Book in for one night at 500 baht. Have gone from the most expensive to the cheapest. V basic but clean. Discover that it is the only place that our guide book doesnt recommend. Go for a couple of pints to review situation. Have a few extra so go back for a lie down. Up at tea time and head into town. Town surprisingly nice and have lovely Italian dinner in Cosmic Restaurant. Spag Bol and lasagne, v good. Both have a caraf of white and red wine. Here we go again. Back and try to sleep with fan instead of air con. This coupled with the tardy cockrels makes for a sleepless night. At this point we decide instead of staying any length of time on Koh Phi Phi we will catch the 11.30am ferry to Koh Lanta next morning.