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Last updated : Nov 2009
Northern Territory Travel Guide
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The Northern Territory is a huge and varied region. The north, the ‘Top End’ of Australia, is subtropical, with such high rainfall in the rainy season that much of it is reachable only by air. The south of the Territory is a dry desert, known as the ‘Red Centre’.


There are many objects and places in the Territory that are of special significance to the Aboriginal people, so laws protecting these sacred sites carry heavy penalties for entering, damaging or defacing them.

It is necessary to attain a permit before entering Aboriginal lands, including by car. These permits are not issued lightly, nor are they commonly issued for touristic purposes.

Some areas that have historic significance to the Aborigines are open to the public, for example, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, and Ubirr Rock in Kakadu National Park (please see National Parks section).

Visitors are welcome at these places, but general respect should be shown for the site and its historical significance. For further information, maps and permit application advice, contact the Tourist Commission (please see Contact section).