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Last updated : Nov 2009
Australia Sports
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The range of activities, adventure and special interest holidays is almost endless.

More detailed information is given under each individual State section. Below is a brief outline with practical information on some of the most popular sports and activities available and popular in Australia. Further trade information can also be obtained via Tourism Australia.

Bush walking

This is an Australian term coined in the 1920's to differentiate serious walkers from casual hikers. Australia’s wilderness areas, national parks and vast tracts of sparsely populated countryside make bush walking 1 of the country’s most popular pastimes.

Maps are widely available, either from the several guide books on offer or from State government offices. Fires are a threat during summer, so walkers must respect fire ban warnings. Outdoor clothing and equipment tends to be quite expensive. Each State and Territory has its own independent parks authority.

Self drive tours

3 quarters of Australia’s land mass lies in the outback. 4 wheel drive vehicles are a favourite means of transport and there are many scenic highways and roads leading to the often remote outback destinations.

On such journeys, it is not unusual to drive for hours without seeing other people. It is advisable to take extra petrol and water in case of emergencies.


With 36,735 kilometres (22,826 miles) of coastline, Australia provides outstanding opportunities for water sports, particularly snorkeling and diving.

The tropical waters along the 2,500 kilometres (1500 miles) of the Great Barrier Reef and its multitude of tiny islands form 1 of the world’s best known diving locations.

Requirements for dive courses (which are widely available) vary from state to state, but normally, beginners must be at least 12 years of age and have a medical certificate of fitness in accordance with Australian standards.

To obtain the basic scuba diving qualification, visitors can participate in either a 1 week full time course or a 2 week part time course, tailor made courses are also available.

Certified divers must be able to show their international certification card and log book for solo dives, unless they participate in fully supervised dives with a professional. For further information, contact Dive Directory:

Address: PO Box 5264, Cairns, Queensland 4870

Telephone: (7) 4046 7304

Facsimile: (7) 4031 1210

Email address: info@dive-australia.com


There are surfing schools all over Australia offering instruction for beginners or advanced surfers. For details, contact Surfing Australia:

Address: PO Box 1613, Kingscliff, NSW 2487 (e-

Email address: crystalj@surfingaustralia.com

Website address: www.surfingaustralia.com


The seas off the east coast are known to be 1 of the world’s best game fishing areas, and the waters off north Western Australia are also particularly abundant.

The area north of Queensland is well known for marlin fishing while the streams in the high country in New South Wales and Victoria are extremely good for trout.

Newspapers and radio have broad tide and fishing reports. Fishing licence requirements vary from state to state. For further information, contact the Australian Recreational and Sport Fishing Industry Confederation:

Address: PO Box 854, Dickson ACT 2602

Telephone: (2) 6257 1997

Facsimile: (2) 6247 9314

Email address: recfish@sportnet.com.au


Golfing facilities are brilliant and the settings are often spectacular. For further details and a copy of the Australian Golfers Handbook, contact the Australian Golf Union:

Address: 153-155 Cecil Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Telephone: (3) 9699 7944

Facsimile: (3) 9690 8510

Website address: www.agu.org.au


Skiing is possible from May to mid October in the mountainous areas of the south east. The best skiing slopes are situated on the eastern mountain ranges on the state borders of New South Wales and Victoria. For further information, contact Skiing Australia:

Address: Level 1, 1 Cobden Street, South Melbourne 3205

Telephone: (3) 9696 2344

Facsimile: (3) 9696 2399

Email address: info@skiingaustralia.org.au

Website address: www.skiingaustralia.org.au

Special interest holidays

A wide range of these are available, farming, ballooning, flying and gliding, cycling, pony trekking, rafting, bungee jumping, gemstone fossicking, camel treks, whale watching etc.

For further details please see the individual State and Territory sections.