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Perth, Australia
Oct 15, 2004


Friday 15th October 2004
New chapter time - and the end of Asia, which is a shame - as Arnie would say, I'll be Back!

Usual excellent preparation - stayed up until 2am talking, and had to get up at 6am to catch my flight - quite strange seeing the hostel completely dead, as its usually so alive.

Caught the ever efficient MRT to the airport, and, pleasingly, was not charged by BA for changing my ticket date - I was expecting 25 pounds. Then caught the 5 hr Quantas flight to Perth. Could see the spectacular landscape of Australia hours before we landed - blue blue sea, dotted with islands and sand banks.

Arrive in Perth, and to a strange familiarity - Its kinda like the UK...but not - maybe I've watched too many episodes of Neighbours! At first glance, Perth itself doesnt appear that interesting - feels like a city at home, and none of the alien qualities of the asian city's.

Check into a hostel, and settle down to read the millions of brochure about trips you can go on, and suffer a mild heart attack on the costs of everything. Food and drink are just as expensive (on a Friday night at least), and I'm already overspending my budget, and I havent even done anything at all!

Did however decide to have a nice steak, which was huge, courtesy of Helen Sieracki - thanks Helen - which will have to sustain me for the next three and a half months. In reality, things are probably marginally cheaper than the UK, its just I've got spoiled by Asia, and the trips are very expensive.

Saturday 16th October 2004
Walked Perth today - which included doing food shopping - its time to make my own food from now on, and then went to Kings Park.

Kings Park is a beautifully manicured park, that is on a hill overlooking Perth - thus great views, and it was a bright sunny day. When the suns out, its hot, but not like Asia, and in the evening with wind, it freezing...well, about 15c. I really like the park, and will spend more time here.

Followed on from the Park to the Swan Bell Tower, and then splashed out on one whole pint to watch the football.

Sunday October 17th
Went to the port of Fremantle today - where the Ozzies brought home the America's up in the eighties, though there was not a huge amount to see - The Roundhouse, their oldest building, the Maritime Museum, and the town centre - which was quaint, with roadside cafes etc, but overall glad I didnt stay here (as was the original intention)

Onto Cottlesloe Beach - pretty beach, and saw great sunset with kite surfers in the background. Didnt have enough change for the train ticket machine, so dodged the fare home..

Monday 18th October 2004
Writing this almost a week after the event, so probably forgotten all the good bits! Spent hours on the free internet from my travel agent - who I've just made a rich man by spending 2000 dollars.

Also prepared for the trips - sleeping bag bought, fly net bought, insect repellant bought.