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Last updated : Nov 2009
Australia Weather
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Australia is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are contradictory to those in Europe and North America. There are 2 climatic zones, the tropical zone (which is in the north above the Tropic of Capricorn) and the temperate zone.

The tropical zone (consisting of 40 % of Australia) has 2 seasons, summer (wet) and winter (dry) whilst the temperate zone has all 4 seasons.

November to March
(spring to summer)

Hot or warm everywhere, tropical in the north, and warm to hot with mild nights in the south.

April to September
(autumn to winter)

Northern and central Australia have cool nights and clear warm days, the south has cool days with occasional rain but still masses of sun. Snow is entirely confined to mountainous regions of the southeast.

Note: For further details, including climate statistics, please see under individual State entries.

Required clothing

Light weights are advised to wear during summer months with warmer clothes needed during the cooler winter period, throughout most of the southern States.

Lightweight cottons and linens are advised to wear all year in the central and northern States with warm clothes only for cooler winter evenings and early mornings.

Sun glasses, sun hats and sun block lotion are suggested all year round in the north and during the summer months in the south.